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Used extensively on the road by Charlie, and endorsed by Award-Winning Bluegrass Bass player, Missy Raines,  E-Z WHEELS have proven to be a sturdy and reliable way to move the string bass from place to place without back strain.


Now available in a smaller size to fit your guitar or banjo case, E-Z WHEELS attach quickly with handy, heavy duty Velcro strips.


The E-Z WHEELS instrument caddy is made of high grade 6061 aluminum to be strong yet light weight. The 4 diameter spoked wheels, big enough to travel over festival grounds, make your case a breeze to pull through airports and hotels. The wheels are easily removed to pack flat in your bag or carry-on at the airport.


The E-Z WHEELS Kit includes Velcro strips and a small tube of cement. The Velcro strips may be cemented or sewn to your soft case, or cemented to your hard case.




E-Z WHEELS for upright bass $60
Plus a flat rate for s&h $10

E-Z WHEELS for guitar case $50
Plus a flat rate for s&h $10
E-Z WHEELS for banjo case $50
Plus a flat rate for s&h $10

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Tired of lugging around that heavy bass fiddle, guitar/banjo flight case?

EZ WHEELS provide a simple, secure, and elegant solution!

Avoid back strain in airports, hotels, and gigs wherever you take your instrument.


attacheswithvelcro.JPG (47604 bytes)
Attatches with velcro

basswheelswithfenders.JPG (156709 bytes)
Bass wheels with fenders

guitarbanjowheels.JPG (18321 bytes)
Guitar/Banjo wheels

MJwithE-ZWheels.JPG (41713 bytes)
Mary Jo with EZ WHEELS

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