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Geobuilt™, founded in 1984, is dedicated to developing whole systems of the highest quality and performance.

Since 1986, Geobuilt™ has designed and provided the Star Pavilion Workshop Tent for major acoustic music festivals throughout the Eastern United States. Geobuilt™ proprietor, Charlie Leet, has also engineered and built flight cases for safe transport of guitars or banjos. He developed E-Z Wheels™ for rolling transport of acoustic bass instruments and any flight cases.

Mary Jo and Charlie Leet have been performing and recording in the acoustic music industry for a combined total of more than forty years, traveling internationally as well as throughout the United States. They also provide hosting and coordination services for an “enhanced workshop experience” for festivals and music events.

The Manufacturer’s Opportunity presents a premier Geobuilt product, the Model 100-B folding, telescoping geodesic canopy for sale to businesses looking for new products.


Mary Jo and Charlie Leet


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